Boundary surface: change indices

Hello , when i use Boundary surface the original indices changed (28.3 KB)

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also in Version 7 SR12 (7.12.21292.5001, 2021-10-19)

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This is expected. Not a bug.
Surface parameter make a direct conversion from every single curve to a surface (if it is closed and planar).
Boundary surface instead takes as input a list of curves, do its math, and outputs another list of surfaces. The final list order and amount is unrelated to input list.
If you want to use boundary surface and keep the order (because you know you have no nested curves), graft its input…

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They must fix it , i remember when i tried to extract boundary curves from Boundary surfaces i got reversed polylines unlike Rhino which also make an error with curves indices.

had the same just now, drove me mad :wink: … Here David explain why: