Count / ID for new surface

Hello, I’m new user of Grasshopper, so I need help please !
I have create curves, to generate boundary surfaces. For next I need to identify both of the object (maybe with number), but I don’t konw how to do …
Do you have some resolution ?
Thank you

Boundary output gives you a list of surfaces and this order is preserved in Orient, so, if you create a Serie(0,1,surfaceCount) is not what do you need? Or do you need to link the surface indices with the curve indices since the Boundary component can change the one to one relation?

I tryed to list as you said, but I obtained a list of point for each surface !
Only what I need it’s to create different group (with ID) and countaining a surface and his normal vector.

Finaly I need to orient geometrie before working with _OpenNest but I have error wich said that my object reference is not an instance.

Surely you need to group data pairs (or triples with the ID) in GH? Having each type in a parameter and knowing that both collections (one of surfaces and another of normals) share the quantity and order, why do you need to group them? But I don’t know, being new in GH, it’s hard to know what you mean, try to be clearer and upload the file.

Thank you for answering. Working on I try something else and comeback when my need’s will be clear.