Bottleneck navigator - returns different results


I noticed that the metahopper, bottlenech navigator, returns different (time) resuls after ‘exactly’ the same item is re-connected into the same component?

The example below, only shwos a minor difference, however I have seen more significatly difference freuantly (up to 400%).

  1. Does anyone know what the cause is?
  2. Does anyone have a solution/or knows another component which does this, returning ‘steady’ results?

2023-04-20 bottleneck navigator different (12.0 KB)

Many thanks

This could be just the rounding of the time. However, look at the times it took to calculate your multiplications five times, every time it is slightly different.

I rearranged the multiplications after running the bottleneck navigator so the slowest is at the top.

2023-04-20 bottleneck navigator different (20.7 KB)

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Notice that it’s not only the Bottleneck Navigator, but the actual time used by the component.
There are always slight variations of the execution time, that’s how computers work. It’s also known that some components are slower the first time they are used because some things inside the component are created at that time, and not on the following triggers.