Bottleneck navigator display of minutes truncated

The display of running time is truncated when it reaches minutes :

Display of minutes

Easy fix, don’t let your components run that long

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Thanks .
I’m having trouble with “Split tree”

I realize this response is direct from you as developer of Metahopper, and I understand the suggestion of keeping the script resource light for best practices. However, certain components are going to take minutes to process no matter the size of the script. Why can’t we ask that the print width of the bottleneck navigator field is increased, or an easy fix like labeling minutes as ‘m’?

I have always wanted what the og poster is mentioning. I’ve always additionally wished I could sort this list in multiple ways, particularly by time (date) of completion for each compoent so we can see when certain components are completing their solution before other parts of an analysis. (I wish I could say the easy fix was just ‘don’t let it do that’, but until McNeel allows order of processing by any other means other than the “order in which components were drawn”, this is going to remain one of the biggest headaches of complex scripts in Grasshopper.) Another wishlist way to sort would be time history; in more visual terms: being able to see how consequtive runs affects the completion time of each individual component by being able to do a drop down tab of each component in bottleneck navigator showing computation duration and completion time.