Bootcamp Rhino Windows 7 will not open

Mac with Bootcamp - Downloaded Rhino 5 for Windows- Windows 7 no longer will open. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I think we’re going to need more details. What does Windows 7 no longer open mean? Can you explain further?


– Dale

I have Windows 7 separated with bootcamp. I downloaded Rhino 5 and now when
I select Windows as my operating system in bootcamp, it won’t open and the
computer starts up regularly with the OSX system. Thanks. If it’s still not
clear enough, don’t sweat, I may just have to buy a PC. Regards, Sara B

I don’t know why setting windows as the default boot wouldn’t work, but you force it to let you choose by restarting and holding down the option key.

Doesn’t work.

does your bootcamp drive even show up in osx?

In Mac System preferences/Startup… Do you see Windows Bootcamp as an option to startup from?