Booleans co-planar work and hole movement can Rhino do this now?

I have may experiences of Boolean Difference failure, and been told the cutting item is co-planar wuth the utem being cut.
I always have to make sure it sticks out a fraction before performing the command.

This prog makes Boolean Difference win in such situations.He never has to move the ‘cutter’ ot a bit’.

At 15:39 in the video below, he takes a cylinder down from top surface and Boolean removes the centre. Then in seconds he has done it again and again, on smaller cylinders.

Can rhino do this trick standardising the holes locations in the video below.

9:08 in this video

And at 11:00 all same he does = enter

Can Rhino do this moving of surfaces and holes using = enter as he does ?


Rhino 8

As for moving holes around, Rhino 8 can make some use of the Record History command, I think someone with slicker knowledge than I can demonstrate to some extent.

Hi ,

do this in V5 and fails.

then open it in V8 and do it and it works.
something to be said then for V8 !

simple boolean difference fail compared to Plasticity.3dm (88.7 KB)