BooleanDifference Fail

Here we go again. Another BooleanDifference problem/question.

Doing a BooleanDifference with the outer object with the spherical closed surface fails.

BooleanDifference%20Fail !

If I change the radius of the spherical closed surface (without moving its center) from 200 units to 199.9 units, the BooleanDifference succeeds.

BooleanDifference%20Succeed !

Any explanation for this behavior?

Here’s the file. BooleanDifferenceFail.3dm (15.7 MB)

Hello - I see this, thanks.


Oops… There are a ton of hidden objects in the file I uploaded. Here’s another copy where all the hidden objects have been deleted, leaving only the two in the images I previously uploaded. The behavior is the same; BooleanDifference fails with the two objects and succeeds when the sphere’s radius is reduced from 200 to 199.9.BooleanDifferenceFail.3dm (15.4 MB)

Curious why the file is so large (15.4MB).

Hi Mike- the problem is a failure in surface-surface intersection - you can see it by looking at the results from Intersect - the expected curve is missing a chunk. The reason the file is so large is th\at there are 6 unused block definitions - Purge gets rid of those.
( the BD works in the V7 WIP)


Is this a bug or an issue with my design?