Possible bug with BooleanDifference method

I had a project come to my attention where a script involving BooleanDifference was working fine in V5, but failing in V6. I cut out the fat, and have a sample that I can post here:

boolean issue.3dm (197.4 KB)

and here is the simple little script to try:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

def BooleanDiffTest():
    obj1 = rs.GetObject("Select the surface")
    if obj1:
        obj2 = rs.GetObject("Select the cylinder")
        if obj2:
            newObj = rs.BooleanDifference(obj1, obj2)


Notice the small hole on the left surface. I’ve narrowed it down to that as the cause of the failure. Test the script above on the right surface and it works.

Here is a short video showing the problem:



Got it, thanks @DanBayn


– Dale

Thanks Dale. BTW, I don’t have permission to view the log.

Try again…



RH-44777 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

Thank you.