Boolean Union Problem

Hi, I am trying to join a twisted extrusion with an straight extrusion but can’t seem to get it to boolean. Even tried the intersection → split → deleted → join but can’t get it.

Please help!

boolean-union-problem.3dm (6.4 MB)

It fails because of several things. The straight cylinders are touching each other, so their intersection is a line without any area. Furthermore the twisted cylinders are touching each other more or less as well, their intersections form 2 curves instead of a closed curve. And finally the ends of the shapes are co-planar and have coincident edges. In other words: forget about it, or remodel it in such a way that you avoid the above problems. This could be done for example by making sure the cylinders are intersecting or not touching each other instead of touching, and that you make sure the ends of all shapes are not co-planar. (Extend some of the ends and boolean and if you get a successful boolean operation you can trim back.

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see attached (14.7 MB)

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Hi Gijs, thanks for your response. I still have much trouble with the boolean after 1) overlapping the circles and 2) extending some of the twisted cylinders to make it not co-planar. Do you have any advice? How did you managed to get yours?

For booleans I often do booleans in stages if it doesn’t work in one go.

Another thing you can try is intersect the shapes and see if it forms closed loops (and only one closed loop per intersection should be resulting) If it forms open loops or multiple loops this means Rhino won’t be able to make a successful Boolean.