Boolean Union not working

Hello I am trying to do a boolean union on these curves to unite them but it keeps saying boolean union failed. Please help
flower pendant-proof,continue.3dm (10.2 MB)

Hi @Ashandy
The small part doesn’t fully interesect the center part - there’s a small sliver left “outside”. Try running Intersect on the center and one of the small parts, and you’ll see that one of the upper corners don’t quite interesect. If you move the small part just 0.05mm closer to the center, you’ll get a much cleaner intersection between the two, and BooleanUnion will work just fine :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob

Thank you very much. I honestly appreciate you. But how did you know that was the problem? I would like to know how you knew so I can figure it out if it happens again.

Thank you @Normand Jako

Hi -

As Jakob mentioned, he ran the Intersect command on both objects. When you then zoom in on one of the intersection curves, you can see where the one object doesn’t enter the other object. That, in itself, is not necessarily a problem. But other than the simple fact that you don’t want that to happen with your model, when you explode the intersection curve, one of the segments is shorter than the document tolerance multiplied by 10. That’s asking for problems, no matter the design intent.

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Yes - what @wim said! :grin: