Boolean Union Failure text dot merge failures not output via RhinoCommon?

When the Boolean Union command is used in Rhino it automatically outputs the exclamation text dots which provide the location and details about where the merge failed.

We are using the Brep.CreateBooleanUnion() method in our app and notice that when a merge failure occurs these text dots are not output.

My question is can these tags be output - or simply the locations where a boolean union fail - be obtained via RhinoCommon?

Hi @thomas7,

The text dot locations. that show naked edge points, bad intersection points, or non-manifold edge points, are not available via RhinoCommon. The best you can do today is to just script the BooleanUnion command.

– Dale

Thanks @dale I thought that might be the case. Be great to add merge failure locations and info as something accessible to developers via RhinoCommon.