Bug: brep booleans that worked in Rhino 5 : but not in Rhino 7 or 8

the file attached can be made into a boolunion in Rhino 5.
But no chance in Rhino 7 or 8 (error text dot in R7 says “Intersection curve ends at a non-manifold edge.”, R8 text dot doesn’t say anything except “!”)

the volumes come from GH via box array node.

looks like a regression to me. What is causing this?


cubes_export.3dm (13.8 MB)

looking at the geometry again (it’s not mine…) I can see the troublesome spots:

but I’d still prefer to get a solid that can be repaired, than not getting a solid at all :slight_smile:

hi @dk2079 thanks,
It looks like for now the only way to achieve the same is to Union ‘layer by layer’
RH-81442 BooleanUnion fails

Click on the ! dot and open the properties, it will show a secondary text with the error message.

Thanks Gijs for looking into this.

and also for pointing out the “secondary text”, I can see it now :+1:

ps. I could make it work by scaling all the voxel a tiny bit up, so they intersect. However a rubust solution that can deal with such touching edges would be very welcome.