Boolean union fails

I created a few closed solids but when I want to join it by using a boolean union it failes although the solids do overlap. I want to make a mesh out of it in a later stadium for a 3D printer. Does someone know how to fix this? Thanks in regards!

Facade.3dm (9.7 MB)

Hi Lies, your frame wasn’t a closed polysurface. It had manifold faces. Faces inside your object…

I rebuilt the frame, the curves are in the file. I used sweep1 and two sections, one at each end.

The voronoi was actually ok, but I think not enough overlap. I offset the inside surface by 0.505 instead of 0.5 and it worked fine.

In the end I used ‘MergeAllCoplanarFaces’ to clean and merge all faces possible.

In case you can’t live with the slightly thicker voronoi structure, you might be able to print the two parts without creating a union. Most printer software is fine with that. If not, you could fix some problems with this tool: Netfabb Online Service

Facade_union.3dm (5.5 MB)

Thanks a lot! There’s just one problem… I can not open your file because it was made in rhino 7 and I use the older version (rhino 6)… How can I open it?

I’m a student using the student license for Rhino 6 but I don’t think I’m able to install rhino 7…

@martinsiegrist: I think you need to save it as a rhino 6 document so I can open it.

Facade_union.3dm (7.1 MB)

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