Boolean Union Bug?

Work In Progress
(6.0.16257.13261, 2016-09-13)

All touching
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Boolean union
Fail message
It creates a text dot

I can’t open in Rhino 5, so I copy paste run boolean union without any modification and it works.

If it works in V5 and fails in the WIP, please either post the file here or send it to so the bug can be found and fixed…


In Rhino 6 WIP use Save As and from the “Save as type” selected from the drop down menu “Rhino 5 3D Model” as the file type. Then the file can be opened in Rhino 5 as well as Rhino 6.

As Mitch suggests post the file here or send it to

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So I thought maybe something in the copy paste process into Rhino 5 got it to work, but then I do the same copy paste, no modification in Rhino 6 and it still doesn’t work.bugBoolean.3dm (4.6 MB)

Hi Uebs - I see this works in V5 - thanks. FYI, the text dot(s) in V6, from a failed Boolean, are there to provide a clue as to the likely problem - if you select one of these and look in Properties > Dot page, there is a brief description - in this case ‘Surface intersection error’.

For now, if you replace the revolved, polar, caps on the lower object with a trimmed plane, the BU works. ExtractSrf the top face of the bottom object, delete, and then Cap the object.


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RH-35640 is fixed in the latest WIP