(boolean split / split / Export selected) these commands are failed on object which is generated by (sweep1 or extrude along curve) commands

I cannot perform some commands(split/ boolean split/ export selected) on an object, created by sweep1 or extrudealongcurve options.

This should work - can you post a file with the objects in question?

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Extracted file.3dm (661.1 KB)
Extracted file.3dm (661.1 KB)

Hi - When you use ExtrudeCrvAlongCrv, make sure to have the option SplitAtTangents is set to yes:

Your profile extruded this way will both be split by the plane and will export to DXF with your settings.
ExtrudeCrvAlongCrv.3dm (490.2 KB)

Also note that you can fix the geometry in your file by using _DivideAlongCreases _SplitAtTangets=_Yes on the object. Make sure to run the command before you select the object in order to be able to set the option to Yes.

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Export selected is not working in this file.3dm (2.4 MB)

ExtrudeCrvAlongCrv Updated - Check this one.3dm (6.1 MB)

Can you Please Check these attached files. Still there are some issues

Hi - you are reporting different things in the same thread, so this is getting complicated to answer.

At any rate, in the file where the object is not exporting to DXF, the profile curve has a segment with length = 0. Rhino doesn’t complain when it extrudes this (and also makes a degenerated surface), but this is caught when it is exported.

When you run the SimplifyCrv command on the profile before extruding, the command will result in an object that you can export to DXF.

I’ll get this issue on the list.

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