Boolean operations


Every time I am feeling confident with Rhino it makes me humble again. I am trying to build a core that I can use as a subtraction from another solid. I am using cylinders, spheres and rectangles to build the object. Depiction below:

. After much manipulation I have been successful at joining what you see in yellow but the remining solid will not join as I get Boolean Union failed nor will it join the two pieces.

I wish there was a dialogue that came up to tell me why it failed or a tutorial that poped up to tell me how to fix the problem as I am expending significant time trying to troubleshoot this issue.

(Margaret Becker) #2

Please post the model. Someone will be able to help.


The model LE CH build.3dm (120.3 KB)

(Chris Kuether ) #4

You have two closed polysrfs. On the ‘big’ one, remove the flat faces. Then explode the ‘cigar’ member and split with the ‘big’ one. Then they will join.




Is there a tutorial or manual that you could recommend to help me familiarize myself with Boolean operations in Rhino.


You could start here…


(Chris Kuether ) #7

What I described had no Boolean functions. Remove flat faces with extractsrf, delete flat faces with delete, explode cigar with explode, split remains with split.

I don’t like Booleans.


(Margaret Becker) #8

You are in a classic Boolean failure situation. This situation is described in the Help.