Booleans failing

i want to know is there a way to identify on the model where booleans fail like some part turns red or something to let me know where to fix if it doesn’t already exist in rhino. i have a very complex model i am trying to make, its made up of different organic pieces that needs to be combined into one. the models are all error free and closed polysurfaces but stil they won’t combine. such a pain in the ass. any out there with a solution let me know since i am on a tight deadline with this project

If you individually Explode the polysurfaces and Join them again do the make closed, solid polysurfaces? If someone used JoinEdge then these will be Open. Using JoinEdge is a good way to make Booleans fail.

SelOpenPolysrf is also hand to finding objects that aren’t likey to Boolean.

SelBadObjects is another useful one as well as SelNonManifold.

Other than that, the process is to attempt the Boolean and if it fails, isolate the parts, run Intersect, and inspect the curve. This curve is used for Splitting in the Boolean. If the curve is wrong, open, has overlaps, or loops, then the Boolean is likely to fails.

These are all covered in the FAQ here:

Good luck

Thanks john!! i have some reading to do, i usually overlook things like this but i have to honestly say i never came across this material before, i will shoot a reply after i do some inspection to see why these booleans keep failing

In addition to John’s important tips to verify, if everything still looks good, and if your design allows:

  1. try moving the offending element (if identified) in small increments, say .02". Sometimes that will do the trick.

  2. another approach is to recreate the offender via a different modelling means if you see a way to do so.

  3. export the element as STEP and reimport, try again.

These have bailed me out in the past. Basically, you are trying to feed Rhino the same meal prepared a little different.

Also - Can you export the individual parts to another application and successfully Boolean there?

Thanks ec2368, i have been making changes, i finally understand a few things about booleans i never did before now am working through the issues, i think for the most part i had point on my intersecting curves touching, by just nudging my models around or making few changes to the model itself i was able to correct my issues. Its a good thing i asked for help here or else i would stil be tearing my hair out:)