Super-easy boolean fails

Substracting one of these solids from the other (doesn’t matter which) fails miserably.
Super-easy Boolean fails.3dm (140.8 KB)

I tried on V7 WIP : same thing … but hey, at least there’s gradient hatching.

Rhino should probably open a nice Messagebox telling about how the edge and vertex tolerances of the small part are way off. Would be intereseting to know how the small part got constructed, as it’s not even displaying isoCurves, but also does not get picked up via the _SelBadObjects command.

If you rebuild the part from its boundaries into nicer geometry, obviously the boolean works but there should definitely be more guidance then a generic

Boolean failed

Super-easy Boolean fails.3dm (190.5 KB)

Hi Lando,

The small geometry was sent to me, and is imported from Cadwork through DWG.
I already shrunk the faces because they were huge, and I thought that would be the end of my misery.
A “non-bad” closed solid polysurface should be good enough.

I guess I’ll just have to re-model the whole thing myself (spits in hands) :

Oof, well thats annoying

I exploded the part in question and used

  • _DupBorder
  • _Explode on the border
  • and then either _EdgeSrf or PlanarSrf depending if the edgeloop was planar

although a non-planar edgeloop probably spells trouble as I doubt those beams will be cut with a bended Saw…

Good luck and Hope to help

Hi Lando.

You gave me a good idea : I need to do a Grasshopper definition that will make the geometry so basic that even Rhino will be able to Boolean with it.


Doesn’t sound like it’s Rhino’s fault then, more like Cadwork’s… That imported thing is way tf out of tolerance by anyone’s definition. If you explode and rebuild edges, it will not join back up into a closed solid.

In this case after the explode and rebuild edges, if you use CreateSolid, it works - but that may not be the case for other objects that have gaps that CreateSolid can’t resolve.

Rhino should warn about unfit geometry.
It might also be Rhino screwing up the DWG import

Really ? A Swiss software creating crooked geometry ?

Possible. To test get them to export a STEP if the same part or something like that.

Yeah, I guess they had too many gold bars weighing down the ends or something. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Getting CadWork to export STEP is kind of like asking McNeel to improve Blocks.
Never gonna happen.

In the end, I guess it’s …

Well, I could just go down the road and knock on their door and ask them… (they’re literally 3 minutes by car from here). But they’re probably not there anyway and I’m not supposed to leave the house for stuff like that…

I think the latest cadwork can happily export 3dm files.