Boolean Difference failed

Dear everyone
I made that dragon-shaped object from Grasshopper.

I’m trying to do a boolean difference with the bottom plates, but it doesn’t work.

When baked in Grasshopper, it was an open polysurface, but it was made into a closed polysurface with the RemoveAllNakedMicroLoops command.

Is this a problem?

and here is 3dm and Grasshopper file
dragon boolean d.3dm (8.1 MB) (8.7 KB)

Hello - The first thing to check if a Boolean operation fails is the curve(s) of intersection between the objects (Intersect command) Inspecting these will often tell you where there is a problem.
In this case the faceted blob has edges way out of tolerance so the curves of intersection are not closed.
Explode, RebuildEdges (pulls them back into tolerance) and Join - you’ll see the result is not one closed thing.


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Hello! I’m sorry to checked it late.

Thank you for your reply. It helped me a lot.

Have a great day