Boolean difference doesn't work on this simple model....? R6

Not sure what the problem is. I just want to subtract/difference the orange polysurface from the blue. Message says objects do not intersect. Seems like it should work but maybe I’m using the wrong command…? Model attached.


mech-walls.3dm (300.6 KB)

Hi Brian - there are two blue objects - as far as I can see one is completely outside the red and one is completely inside…they do not intersect at the surface. You can’t (well, you can but it is very non-standard) have a ‘disjoint’ polysurface object in Rhino.


I was just trying to make a solid that had walls 1 1/4" thick by offsetting the surface and then subtracting it. I’m not sure why that doesn’t work but seems pretty straightforward to me…? I can work around this, just thought it should work.

Thank You for looking into it.

rhino is a surface modeler not a solids modeler… meaning your outside surface is like a model made of paper and filled with air…if you place another paper model inside, there is not place where they intersect, so the boolean can;t figure out what you as asking it to do-

you need to connect the two objects with a tiny tube or cube in order to make them work as you expect. This is also useful for creating vent holes necessary if you were say SLA printing.