Trouble with Boolean Diff

I’m having trouble keying in an object with another object. The boolean difference keeps failing. I checked via the intersect command and I find the two objects have 4 intersections as expected.Base Polar-Combined.3dm (13.0 MB)


Hi. Just looking at the polysurfaces, the base is closed, but the bear(?) is comprised of a number of open polysurfaces. I think you’ll need to join them into a single polysurface, and then make sure there aren’t any missing surfaces before trying the boolean difference again.

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Thank you! I saw that there were a bunch of naked edges which I had to go back and fix before I could boolean difference.

Here’s a FAQ link that’s worth reading through so you understand the details:

As @technotrope says, there are many surfaces open and some of them are inside out as you can see in the attached. The green edges shows open surfaces and the red ones shows the inner side of each surface.
The base could be solved with a cylinder instead of that amount of planar surfaces btw.