Bongo plugin for Rhino for Mac

Hi there,

I searched for this topic but as i was unable to find the answer, i thought i’d ask for it.

Is there any development regarding Bongo for Rhino for Mac? I am a user the most recent stable version and the WIP version of Rhino for Mac.

Thanks in advance and thanks for the great plugin!


Hi Remy,

We’re planing on making Bongo available on the Mac, but we haven’t started the development yet.

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That’s great to hear!

Thank you

Have there been any updates to this topic? Is there another animation plug in that is compatible with Rhino for MAC?

Bongo requires the RDK in order to run on Rhino. The RDK has only just been ported into Rhino 6 for Mac WIP… so in other words in order for the the development of Bongo for Mac to even start, it requires that Rhino 6 for Mac is released/or really close to release.


Rhino for Mac beta has been released, did the development start by any chance?

We’ve just started the development on Bongo 3 and the plan is to make Bongo 3 work on both platforms.

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Cool! And you are going to give us import/export of animated FBX right Marika? Pleeeeease.

thanks Marika, i just accidentally saw that you answered. pls reply directly to questions, people dont always keep track of all threads. some get lost into oblivion like that.

To early to say anything, but it sure is high on the wish list with loads of requests for it.

I apologize, I usually do reply directly, I must have just not been paying enough attention to which reply button I hit…

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Hi @marika_almgren,

Any updates on this front?
Thank you.

Hi @Remy_Konings,
We’re working on getting the first Bongo 3 WIP out, but it will still take some time before we toss it over the wall to users. The Bongo 3 WIP will first only be Rhino for Windows compatible, we haven’t started porting it to the Mac yet.


Hi Marika,
A few months have past again. Is there any news on the development Bongo for Rhino-mac?
A cautious estimate?


At McNeel we don’t give estimated deadlines, we release when the product is ready.
For Bongo for the Mac, we haven’t started on that yet. We’re still at the start of Bongo 3 development and we’re only focusing on the Windows version at the moment.
What I can say is that as soon as we do have something for the Mac, we’ll tell you in the form of a WIP or Beta version.

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Thats great to hear - looking forward. Please notify me!

Any news on the Bongo for mac?

There has been no work on a Mac version yet. As @marika_almgren said, we’ll let the forum know when there is something to test.

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can’t wait :heart: :heart: :heart:

Hi Nathan.
I am desperately looking for a solution to animate a machine that I created in Rhino. Unfortunately I only have the Mac version and also only use Apple. Any new updates on the Bongo for mac topic?