Bongo plugin for Rhino for Mac

(Remy Konings) #1

Hi there,

I searched for this topic but as i was unable to find the answer, i thought i’d ask for it.

Is there any development regarding Bongo for Rhino for Mac? I am a user the most recent stable version and the WIP version of Rhino for Mac.

Thanks in advance and thanks for the great plugin!


(Marika Almgren) #2

Hi Remy,

We’re planing on making Bongo available on the Mac, but we haven’t started the development yet.

(Remy Konings) #3

That’s great to hear!

Thank you

(Rbradshaw) #4

Have there been any updates to this topic? Is there another animation plug in that is compatible with Rhino for MAC?

(Marika Almgren) #5

Bongo requires the RDK in order to run on Rhino. The RDK has only just been ported into Rhino 6 for Mac WIP… so in other words in order for the the development of Bongo for Mac to even start, it requires that Rhino 6 for Mac is released/or really close to release.