Bongo + Maxwell


Hi JD,

Just noticed you are the best contributor of Maxwell for Rhinoceros forum. Truly…

I have done hours of research in terms of comparability issue between Bongo and Maxwell.

And, I found a post see the link

"go to Scripting -> Scripts -> batch rendering. Then put in your folders (you can also define a resolution and sample level there, if you want to).
Or you could use the batch option of the network render."

The person said that Bongo exports serious of .mxs file which I noticed Maxwell cannot import more than one msx file at once. How do I merge all frames into one file? or a better way, how do I import all sequence msx files at once?

I’m using Maxwell 3.1.1 version


@andy may be able to help here as well.

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The key is here:

Maxwell cannot import more than one msx file at once.

The way of telling Maxwell to render an animation, is by using the Frames parameter, here:

<img src=“” width=“264” height=“307”

As you see there, to render a series of frames, select your first frame in the Scene File field, and then specify a frame range in the Frames field.

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Thank you so much…It works !!


hi everybody,
I’m trying to use bongo to do a little animation with maxwell render but I notice that the voice Frames in the render option is not present yet in the last version of maxwell

another question, if I set material and light in maxwell opening the first .mxs file of the first frame of the animation and then run the render of all the .mxs in sequence, mawell provide to mantain the setting for material and light of the first frames to all the other?

ok, I’ve download the Maxwell render v 3.1.1 and I solve the problem :smile:
only one question for who use Maxwell render is if I save the animation sequence of the .mxs file frames and do not flag render after export .mxs file I find in a folder a sequence of ,mxs file in the same number of the frames of my animation, so in this case how can I run in a second time the render of all this file .mxs automaticaly in sequence?