Can Bongo create a Maxwell-rendered animation?

Question from a client who uses Maxwell and may want to buy Bongo… Can Bongo render an animation with Maxwell frame-by-frame…? Man, even if it can, that’s gonna be a sloooow process, but I just wanted to be able to answer his question…

Thx, --Mitch

@marika_almgren, can you help here?


If you choose Maxwell for Rhino as the target render in Bongo 2, it will export the frames as mxs -files that you then can render one by one separately in Maxwell. (Same thing that happens if you press Render in Rhino, it exports the mxs-file so that you can render it in Maxwell).
In order for Bongo to render an animation directly it relies on the Rhino render environment which includes the commands SaveRenderWindowAs and CloseRenderWindow. Maxwell doesn’t seem to support these commands so rendering directly into Maxwell will unfortunately not work.

OK, thanks Marika!