BONGO - Render Multiple Animation Sets as a Batch?

Hello Everyone,

First, Bongo is great thanks for all the support… 11 days of trial left.

I have created an animation of about 10 animation sets and I would like to be able to render them out over night. At the moment, I have to babysit the process pretty intensively— each one takes about 15 minutes to render out (I’m just using capture from viewport display, not Vray or anything like that). I would like to use identical rendering resolution and output format for all of them, but the length of each animation set is different.

Is it possible to run a macro that will render out each one successively? This would be especially useful for making edits. As it stands now, if I make a change in the 3D model that we are walking through, I have to spend 2-3 hours re-rendering out the video. This would not be a problem if I could just step out to lunch and return a while later, but I haven’t been able to do find a workflow where that is possible yet.


Hi Alexander,

have a look at Badger