Bongo FBX Export

Continuing the discussion from Bongo 3.0 WIP 14:

The new Twinmotion allows the import of FBX animations and so far you can’t create any animations in Twinmotion except pathanimation. It would be really great if FBX import was a part of Bongo. Is there any chance? For me and my architecture/interior architecture students, that would be the key to using it. We are in the middle of a project right now to design an kintetik stagedesign. Maybe there will be Christmas in Bongo Beta 3.0… :smiley:?

We have it logged here. Bongo 3 WIP development has been on hold because Joshua was pulled over to do work on Rhino 8. We should be able to start it up again soon.

From today? :slight_smile: congratulations on the release of rhino 8

Great and thanks for the information!
I´m looking forward to Rhino 8 and Bongo 3, maybe with FBX integration…

is there a timeline of development?

No, there’s no timeline.

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Request is 10 years on the table. We have time. :wink:

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