Bongo Evaluation Saves


I have recently installed the evaluation version of bongo on R6 because I have to render out some animations for my school project. It says Bongo in evaluation mode is valid for 30days, which would be absolutely fine for my purpose, but now when I open the render tab it reads

“Rendering will use up your limited evaluation saves. …” … how many saves do I have and where can I check it?

I don’t wanna start setting up the scene and work with bongo (which is right now the only realistic opton) if I cannot make use of the scene in the end. Help and advice is much appreciated.


You can buy it .

This actually a blast from the past when the Evals where still Saves -fixed. We just haven’t seen it and remembered to remove it… apologizes.
Bongo detects that you’re running an Rhino Eval and shows the message. Just press No and continue.
We’ll remove it from the next version of Bongo 2 that we release.