Bongo 2.0 SR6 Release Candidate 2

Bongo 2.0 SR6 Release Candidate 2 is now available: Bongo20_SR6_RC2_20170104

We are planning to release the final version in February.
Please report any problems here.

Bug fixes for this release:

  1. An animated object only gets animation data for the desired parameter and not for all the parameters possible.
  2. The “A entity property was modified…” notification only pops up when a parameter gets modified that is already animated.

Nice. Good to see the updates!

What do we use for a product key?

Presumably, you purchased a license for Bongo 2 some time ago and have one. This is a service release candidate for an existing plug-in.

A fairly simple IK-Chain stopped working.

KeyFrame settings works (rotate in all directions) but IK chains are not calculated.

Edit: Hmpf, wrong of me. Only the IK-Chain settings in the model had come off. When I set them back again also IK chains works again.

Scary if IK chain settings comes off in existing models… I’ll try some more and come back if that behavior is consistent.

// Rolf

OK. I’m confused because when the previous RC was announced I asked:

The BongoCheckForUpdates command as well as the Bongo menu item ‘Check for Updates…’ were dysfunctional. The software also didn’t check for updates on-startup. It does from now on.

Can Bongo be used on a computer without access to the internet? If so, does it still try to check for updates with a long timeout delay before starting?
Also, can this RC be tried out without already having a previous Bongo installed?


Yes, the RC is a full installer and does not need previous installed versions.

I managed to install SR6 RC1 without a key, but couldn’t get it to run.

I previously bought Bongo 1.0 and found it to be way too under-designed for what I wanted to do, as well as bug-ridden and operated via an impenetrable UI. I tried the Bongo 2.0 WIP and found it considerably improved but still not ready for prime time. I thought it would be worthwhile to see what the current incarnation is like.

Will SR6 be available in a trial version after it is released?

After the Release Candidate is “released”, then the eval version will be updated and be based on SR6.

Our current installer design specification is to install the tool and ask for a license key when it is started the first time. We used to ask for the license key at install time. Now you are asked when you run it.

Could be nice if the serial number can be complete copied and paste to the field. Or better, if a legal version is installed than no new serial input is needed.

Like Rhino 6 WIP, that doesn’t need the serial number for an update.


If you have any models that break after installing this SR Release Candidate, please let us know and send them our way.

I’ll add the installer wishes from this conversation to the wish list for B3.