Bongo 2.0 Service Release 3 Now Available

Hi all,
Bongo 2.0 SR3 is now available from:

The complete list of changes in this Service Release is below.


  • Marika

====== 2014-05-25 Service Release 3 - Public Release ======
===== Features: =====

  • “Keep Hierarchy” option added to BongoSelectChildren and BongoSelectParent.
  • Simple arithmetic support added to keyframe editor and timeline controls.
  • “Set Children” button added to object properties page.
  • Multiple selection support to animation manager added.

===== Bug Fixes:=====

  • The BongoMatchAnimationProperties command selects target objects on exit.
  • Keyframe editor bottom keyframe row accessible when horizontal scrollbar visible.
  • View keyframe and constraint combined animation fixed.
  • Constraints removed from keyframe and curve editor when transform type not simple constraint.
  • Turn off option for curve editor added to timeline context menu.
  • Simple constraint help link fixed.
  • Crash fix when objects are constrainted to deleted objects.
  • Camera rotation keyframes taken into account when constraint.
  • Unresolved hierarchy message does not appear anymore when object has expressions to its own parameters.
  • Nested groups display in animation manager.
  • Toolitip fixed in view properties dialog.
  • BongoObjectResetIk command empties cache.