in this design I put 180 small cylinders around a large cylinder in order to obtain slots on the latter with the command BoleanDifference.
In this file the command works perfectly, but this design is a part (copy and paste) of a more complex design, where the same command is not working.
boleana.3dm (3.4 MB)

Ciao Giuseppe.
If this file the command works, you should see the file where it does not work to understand why.

Try also to shift the curve (circle) before extruding, so that there are no edges that coincide.

Ciao Zsimon,
in the previous object I had solved by separating into a new file parts which make boleandifference, now I have changed the size of the project and I have to repeat the procedure, but again the difference bolean does not work; even separating objects into a new file.
The strange thing is that some small cylinders do subtraction while others do not.
bolean.3dm (1.8 MB)

Hi Giuseppe - use an array of the attached cylinder - the cylinder is different from yours in two respects

  1. The vertical seam is away from the intersection with the large cylinder.
  2. I added several knots on the vertical direction using InsertKnot > Automatic. The intersection will work better (an occasional weakness in the V5 intersection code) if the surfaces are a little denser.

GZ_Cylinder.3dm (39.1 KB)


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thanks Pascal