Boolean difference not working

Hi anyone can help me to understand why boleana is not working.
I try to subtrac the small cilinder from the big ring but it does not work.
I have moved a bit up and down the cilinder or rotate it but it still not work. Thanks Mirco. Here attached the rhino 6
boleana not working.3dm (219.9 KB)

Hi @ocrim66,

If you select the group of text dots that has appeared it will tell you in the properties panel why the boolean failed. In this case there are naked edges in the ring (this will be a consequence of the way you have created it). If you _Explode the ring and then _Join its surfaces again that should fix the problem and the boolean difference will work.



Dear @ocrim66 please mark Jeremy s post as solution. so other see that the problem is solved. thanks - kind regards -tom


thank you!!! I try as you said. Thanks agains