Boeing 737 Nurbs model

Do any of you know where to find/buy one or maybe have one to sell me?
It’s easy to find max models but I want nurbs.

You might search GrabCAD

Have to be a 737, or would a 767 work? And if so, how accurate?

I like this one…

– Dale

thanks so much dale, LOVE the rhino forums as ever.

we are looking for a 767 too. Dimensionally accurate but I don’t need every nut bolt and panel.

Not the most well organized, or polished, but hopefully helpful to you.

File was too big, so I had to hightail it:

I feel I’ve got that one beat :wink: The one I uploaded was for VFX, so it’s size and proportion should be correct, but only modeled off of photographs, so not perfect. We did have to move some exterior doors and windows around a bit to better match interiors, so if that is important to you, you may want to pay attention to their placement. I got it to the point it is in the file, then passed in off for finishing.


thanks so much I’ll check it out.