Car 3d model

hello!!! it’s possible to find on the web all sort of cars model, but in poly… Does anyone knows a site, with some rhino nurbs car models??? free, or not free! I can’t find a single one!
thank you for help!

There are a few (not many) NURBS car here:

Celmar, here is a screenshot of an Audi R8 that I modeled in Rhino. The key is to draw or find orthographic profiles of the vehicle that you want to model. Place the proper view in the view windows as a background bitmap and scale them so that they are the same in relation to each other. Then you can create a flat version of all the curves in a single view and then by switching views you can control point edit the curves to create the spatial volumes. I was trying to get the surface tangency to improve on the b pillar shoulders of the model.