Boat hull - Filling welding gaps for CFD

Is there an easy way to smooth out/fill welding gaps between the different plates? Typically thickness is 5-6 mm. Got a 3D-model I am preparing for CFD.

It depends on how the model was created. If the model was initially without the weld gaps, and the then the surfaces were trimmed you may be able to Explode, Delete the welds, Untrim the surfaces, and Join. Next simplest if it works would be to Explode, Delete the welds, Untrim the surfaces, Trim the surfaces with each other as needed, and Join. Or you may need to Explode, Delete the welds, ExtendSrf the surfaces as needed, Trim the surfaces with each other as needed and Join.

The model is meant for the yard to be built as is. The different hull surfaces are simply extruded in the different thicknesses it should be put together in.

Ok, just hoped there was some easy fix for filling gaps between plates like these. Well, I know the drill, remove all extrusions, form a manifold body. Pfff, some hours of cool work…

Such a ‘as built’ hull model with all the thicknesses modeled and fillets and such would probably bring your CFD solver to it knees. As in most metal boat design and drawings the model is usually created with the inner skin surfaces and frames will be cut to meet in inner surfaces of the plates. Just ‘extract surfaces’ with copy on and pick the inner skin surfaces and then join then for a manifold CFD model. Actually you should have saved that when you originally modelled and saved before thickening for the plates.

ConnectSrf may be useful.

Thanks for the replies, the best would be to make a solid/manifold body of the inner surface I guess. It is not my work, and it is not made for CFD. I’ll sort it out, no problem. Sometimes you just wish there was this magic command.

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