Change Block Base Point without moving instances

Hi I have an already assembled building with a lot of blocks. I want to reset base points for some blocks, without moving the already assembled building. I tried two ways but both failed, with the building all messed up.

first way i tried: block edit - set base point directly.
second way: move one instance from original base point to target base point - then block edit - move geometry to origial location - done edit

both way messed up my original assembled instances. Anyway I can have all instances still in place but just move the base point to a new location within each instances? Thanks

Hello- - try:

Block Edit > move the geometry in the opposite direction of the base point move. Then set the new base point.


Thanks Pascal. I tied but seems like the new base point is the same point as the old base point after doing that :frowning:

Yeah, that was a completely useless idea.