Blocks are not printing?!

And they’re not showing in paperspace viewports when in wireframe, technical, artistic, and pen. Ghosted prints, but I dont like that it shows abiguous lines on the objects (unlike pen or technical which do not). What happened? This all started because I recently learned to block large repetitive items to reduce the huge file size. So I solved one problem and caused another. :frowning: Any solution to having a block show up in pen or technical mode in a viewport without relying on unblocking/exploding? Thank you.

We’ve found a workaround that goes like this. Open the blocks that are not showing, duplicate an edge or somehow draw a line or curve in the file. Save the file and update blocks if needed. You also have to move the block once back in the assembly. I use nudge to move it and move it right back. If you don’t do this, your shaded view will display the block as a wireframe.

In other words, if your inserted blocks have a line saved in the file, it will show normally.

Duplicating an edge works well. It’s there, it’s compact. and it doesn’t show up.