Blocks are loosing hidden Objects

I am working with blocks a lot and I was heavily relying on Rhino to remind me to unhide hidden objects before exiting a block. I just recently moved to Rhino 6 and now at the end of editing a block, when some object is still hidden it is always lost, no matter if I press yes or no on the pop up dialogue. This is quite annoying, is there a fix for that?


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Hi xorx - right now, this is fixed in V7 but not in V6. I have added your comments to the bug track item-

RH-46745 BlockEdit and hidden objects


Ok, Thank you.
Seems weird to put such a fundamental flaw onto a next release though.

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Hello - we arm-wrestled about that - and it has indeed been fixed in V6 now as well.


Ok, Cool!

RH-46745 is fixed in the latest WIP

Awesome! Thanks.

Hey Guys, I just updated and it works now!

Thank you!