Blocks are broken in latest WIP

Hi McNeel,

I cannot use latest Rhino WIP because I am quite dependent on blocks, and they are not usable at all. Wether I try to created a new block, or to only select a simple block with a box created in RH7, Rhino crashes instantly.

Here is my SystemInfo, in case my system would be the culprit.
System Info.txt (5.7 KB)

Hi @flixchameroy I can repeat this, thanks for reporting,
RH-74941 Crash when creating a block item

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Hi @Gijs, is there a way to downgrade to previous version if I want to continue using WIP this week ?

Hi Felix -

If Rhino is automatically downloading updates, you should find the pervious version in the following directory:



Sorry @wim but I can’t find this directory, is it a macOS path ?

Hi Felix -

No, sorry about that. You can find the previous version here.

Thanks @wim ! Is the issue fixed ? (meaning, could I install the new WIP ?)

Hi Felix -

RH-74941 was fixed and tested with a version that is older than the current public WIP, so, yes, you can now install the new WIP.