BlockEdit nested instance

Currently, _BlockEdit displays a dialog with a tree view of the block structure of the picked top-level instance and all its descendants. If a nested instance is to be edited while BlockEdit is running, it must be chosen from the dialog; it cannot just be selected from the graphics window, nor can a another _BlockEdit be started while a BlockEdit is already running.

Requests to more easily navigate a block structure have been requested:

A method I use when needing to quickly edit a nested instance within a large structure is:

  1. _BlockEdit the instance containing the nested instance
  2. _CopyToClipboard the instance to edit
  3. Cancel _BlockEdit
  4. _Paste
  5. _BlockEdit the newly added instance
  6. _Delete the newly added instance

This works best when the nested instance is only 1-level deep. (9.3 KB)
replaces steps 1-4 with the option of either inserting the deepest instance of the object picked or selecting the instance to edit from a direct lineage of the nested blocks. (Steps 5 and 6 still need to be performed.)

Maybe some ideas from this script can be incorporated into _BlockEdit so that the process can be streamlined.

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