Block within block changes name - Strange behavior

I have unexpected behavior with blocks within blocks.
I have a linked block repeated several times in a file, let’s say Building.A. Inside this block I three blocks one per level named LevelA.0, LevelA.1, LevelA.2. I need to locally change level 0 on some of them.
However, when I explode some of Building.A block the levels so not keep their name and have names like Block 01, Block 02, Block 03 on the first explosion, and Block 04, Block 05, Block 06 and so on.
I would expect they would keep their names after exploded. Why don’t they?

You can not have a single block definition that is made up of different objects. That will require two separate block definitions.

Block A can include Block 1, Block 2, and Block 3
Block B can include Block 1, Block 2, and Block 4

Hi John,
Thank you for your reply.
That was not what I meant. I had a situation where I had several iterations of a block named Adrian, with blocks named Bob, Charles, and Dylan inside. When I exploded one Adrian, its Bob, Charles and Dylan, were renamed to Block1, Block2 and Block3.
I just tried to replicate in a simple format and I could not. I will need to go back to the model I was having trouble with and try to extract some info, but as with many issues these happen in large files that I cannot post in here.
Thanks, N

Thanks for the clarification.
I’ll poke around with it and see if I can find a problem.