Block exploded


I have a question regarding block exploded.

the box is the block and then added the sphere. then copied multiple three times.
as you see the image below if I explode the blocks(Box) those objects(Box and Sphere) become separate parts but then the original blocks(Box) will no longer blocks anymore 'cause its exploded. one way to do keep the block(Box) is to remove the sphere in the block editor.
But then in the other blocks the spheres disappear!
I want to keep the block but separate those shere or box without exploding. the separated parts can be blocks or not blocks.
is it possible?? or could you write any scripts??
some people might say ‘why not just group and copy?’ well actually I want to manipulate the size or rotation after placing the objects. and block is the only way I can think of.

Hi Junkim,

I am not sure I understand the problem.
What command do you use to explode the blocks? The regular explode function will explode a block to it’s first level; not exploding the blocks inside a block.

Does that help?

Hi Wilem
if I use the explode command the block becomes no longer block. if I double click the block after exploding it I can’t get into the block editor.

From what I understand you want to move parts of a block while keeping it a block…sorry no can do, the block defimition is that ser of objects exactly as they are, all you could do is have the different pieces as different blocks.

Following Jim’s suggestion, you can have nested blocks.
The cube is a block and you create another block containing the first block and the sphere. One explode will get you the cube as a block, separated from the sphere.

Maybe you can post your model and show what you want the result to be.