Retaining display attributes of objects in blocks

The same object with the same settings displays differently within a block (which has the same settings as well) than it does outside of it. Can anyone recommend a workaround?

Actually in this case the objects display correctly, but they don’t print correctly, though they all have the same print and display settings. This is from Default shaded display mode, but it happens from all display modes.

The color and print colour of all objects is set to by layer, and the layer’s colour is red. The layer is set to print in black, which is the way I want the lines, but I want the shading of the object to be the layer’s colour, which only works on the “non-blocked” version of the cube. THese are printing from a detail on a layout, which has the same layer settings as global.

Print Display:

Print Preview (it prints this way also):

This wrinkle is causing a lot of issues for me. It makes blocks - which are essential - and consistency of representation for similair objects (which is also essential) impossible to accomplish at once. Any input available?