Block Instance Material Conflict Dialog

Hi, a small query regarding block instances upon opening a Rhino file… This could be a vray dialog or Rhino, I’m not 100% sure.

You get a dialog asking if you’d like to use the existing scene material, replace the existing scene material or to rename the material and whether you’d like to do this for all subsequent conflicts for that block (to Apply All).

That’s all fine and very useful if you want to control how each material is treated, except when you have MANY block instances to read in. Additionally with that dialog, you don’t actually know which block is being flagged at that moment in time.

I have a file with 20-something block instances, so I have to sit there hitting apply all every time a block is read in (which might be 10-20sec between each). It’s tedious.

Would it be possible to have a tickbox which would say something like “Do this for all block instances”?

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