Blender file conversion-Using Rhino

Looking for some help to convert blender file to edit in Solidworks. I had someone convert blender into step, using rhino. When I imported the rhino step file, I was able to edit the file in Solidwork as if it was a native Solidworks model/file. Unfortunately the person was too busy with other stuff.

The files are for a car design.

Have you tried any of the file formats Blender already can export, and see if you can import those into Solidworks? OBJ, FBX…

This sounds more like a question for a Solidworks forum, or a Blender forum.

SolidWorks can’t import meshes. I’m afraid anything you get out of Blend might be a mesh.

I guess in that case export from Blender as OBJ. Import in Rhino. Use ToNurbs or do some reverse engineering. Save as STEP.

I never used Rhino. I downloaded the free trial hoping I can get something out of it.