BlendCrv RhinoCommon Command

I cant seem to find any equivalent for the BlendCrv command except in the c++ sdk. Im looking for some way through the API that I could create the C3 continuous blend curves that the BlendCrv command produces.

While it is possible for me to manually implement this, it would be a bit tedious. Is there any equivalent to this command that can be used in rhinopython or rhinoscript? If not, what are the plans to implement this command, if any?

Hi @dks5254,

I think you’re needing Curve.CreateBlendCurve.

– Dale

Thanks for the response @dale , I have checked out that command and unfortunately it only supports up to C2 continuity.

I have gone ahead and written a custom function for a C3 blend curve if anyone is looking for this function in the rhino-script environment.

@dks5254, did you forget to attach it ?


I didn’t attach it, If you think you would use it I can go ahead and clean it up and post it.

@dks5254, please post it, i am curious how you made it.