Blend two curves with G3 continuity in Grasshopper

Hi guys,

As the diagram below shows, these two original curves on the left are only G0 connected, the goal is to connect two curves with a blend curve in G3 continuity.

I’m trying to solve this problem with Galapagos, and it works well up to G2 continuity by using the

Curve.CreateBlendCurve Method (Curve, Double, Boolean, BlendContinuity, Curve, Double, Boolean, BlendContinuity)

from RhinoCommon (I’m using a customized C# component)

But this method only enables the blend of curves up to G2 continuity, while in Rhino, the BlendCrv command could achieve up to G4 continuity. I would like to create this workflow in an automated way, so it is no option to use the BlendCrv command manually, apparently Rhino has the ability, but I still haven’t found a way to access this from within Grasshopper. (No success with ghpythonlib and rhinoscriptsyntax as well…)

Please share your good ideas:) thx!

Hi @tao.sun.lupo,

Curve.CreateBlendCurve should support the continuity presented by the BlendSrf command. I’ve opened an issue for this.

– Dale

By BlendSrf you mean BlendCrv right? Thx Dale:)

Yes, of course.

When do you think we can expect the support to be added? :slight_smile: (sry I couldn’t open the YouTrack link)

Hi -

That should be open now.
This issue is now scheduled for 8.x, which means that it won’t be included in the first release of Rhino 8.