Blend Surface with Defined Curves Question

Got a question, as I’m not understanding the problem and how to go about fixing it. Looked at some forum threads and videos, but I didn’t see any results that resemble what I’m trying to accomplish.

I’m trying to create a surface blend that closely resembles the curves I established in my model. But when trying to do a surface blend with a swept surface and a trimmed surface, the results of the trimmed surface is not on a defined linear path. How do you go about fixing a trimmed surface for a desired blended surface?

Note: I’ve tried sweeping rails to create my custom fillet. The results are close, but the surfaces still have a hard edge. I try matching the surfaces and get the same results as a surface blend. When looking at the blended isocurves, they are gradually bending for the trimmed surface. Some help will go a long way.

Mirror_Cap_Beginning_File.3dm (138.3 KB)

As shown below, the result of _Sweep2 using the ChainEdges command option and with both Edge continuities set to Tangency (dialog box shown below) has a maximum 0.21° tangent discontinuity along its edges and will stay true to the 3 (sweep shapes) curves.


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Wow this solves everything. Thanks steve for the help!