Brep.CreateBlendSurface Method

There is some wierd behaviour of Brep.CreateBlendSurface Method in compare to Blend Surface command.

The one on the left is result of Brep.CreateBlendSurface Method
The one on the right is Blend Surface Rhino command
Both set to Tangency
Is there any way of getting the same result using Brep.CreateBlendSurface Method? (210.2 KB)

@dale can you look at this one?

@velopl, the Grasshopper definition you posted is unreadable. Can you report, along with any geometry that will need to determine the differences?


– Dale

I’m sorry @dale this is correct definition (210.2 KB)

Hi Lukasz,

Thanks - I’ve reported this as a bug.

– Dale

It works perfect now thank you!

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