Blend Surface Error

I programmatically made some surfaces and want to use BlendSurface OR lofting a pair of surface borders then joining that loft with the two surfaces used, then use BooleanUnion to combine all the polysurfaces together.

In Boolean Union Error.3dm (689.3 KB), regardless of the method I use, using RhinoCommon or not, I get these warped surfaces that have messed up volumes and don’t look right.

When I explode the polysurfaces, the whole model looks right, but at that point I can’t use BooleanUnion to combine everything together.

How would I solve my problem, both using Rhino and using RhinoCommon?

Hi Ibrahim,

It is not clear to me what result you are looking for. Can you provide a model with what you have and what you are hoping to generate?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

I updated Boolean Union Error.3dm (2.0 MB), and added the model I wanted at the end.

The first line of polysurfaceses what I got programmatically.
The second line shows what surfaces I used in the third line.
The third line shows all the polysurfaces that I manually created. This is what I did:

  1. Used Split to split the intersecting surfaces
  2. Used DupBorder on a pair of splitted surfaces, then lofted them to get the walls, and then joined them all together to get a closed polysurface
  3. Repeated the last step with all other surface pairs
  4. I put all of the newly created polysurfaces in the same spot (they are either 2.5 or 5 units apart, so moving was easy with Gumball), and attempted to BooleanUnion everything together (this is what I wanted to do programmatically to get the desired model)
  5. After that failed, I exploded everything and used DupBorder to get all the curves.
  6. I then manually created the side walls using those curves
  7. I used the original surfaces and extracted only the top and bottom parts of it (I used Trim)
  8. I joined everything together, which is how I got the final polysurface you’ll see at the end of the third line

Please let me know if you find any solutions!

hi Ibrahim, its really not quite clear what you actually want to achieve, its also not clear where your first line starts, second line etc… and where you want to go with it. i can see one model with plenty of surfaces from which you may have started from the rest is riddled for me.

on this one below you created 3 polysurfaces which meet each in one line is that what you intended? i dont see any warping there

and here you created a few surfaces which are connected but twisted that it does not make sense but maybe thats also intended? just when you join those they get kinda hollow because you invert the directions.

here after exploding, if you want to achieve the same as on top you may have to intersect the surfaces and use Dir to show the directions of the normals and flip them by clicking on it to match them with the other surfaces, then joining will also create regular shading again. if not maybe you can compact your intention a little more?