Blend like Weld


I’ve go these two polysurfaces that I want join/blend together. I trimmed them back at their intersection and used blendsrf. I’m curious to see how you would do it.

I had to do multiple blendsrf commands to control the surfaces at the fillets. I eyeballed to get the sides to match closely (by manipulating the control points in the blendsrf command). I then did matchsrf to marry them up and noticed that other edges would move- luckily the join command seemed to force everything closed (must have been a tolerance thing).

160607 Temp.3dm (509.1 KB)

Hi Lawrence - that looks like a prefectly reasonable weld-imitation to me. I guess there is no ‘way’ to do this, you’ll need to sort it out case by case. VariableBlendSrf, BlendEdge should help in laying some of the surfaces in, but I guess corners and odd spots will always need special attention.